Technology to Reduce Recidivism, Minimize Costs and Promote Public Safety.

We enable optimal performance in criminal justice agencies. Our tools support case manager’s efficiency, make measuring outcomes easy, and empower your clients to meet their court-ordered obligations.

With Promise, you can…

Reduce Failure to Appear Rates

Get your clients the tools they need for a complicated system. We help them keep track of their requirements in one place on a mobile app. Clients can communicate with you, upload documents, and more. We can send personalized reminders to help reduce violations.

See Your Data in One Place

We securely consolidate data from your existing systems. You can quickly develop client plans, compare risk assessments, and identify which clients need attention. Instead of spreadsheets or file cabinets, we put data into one place. View program stats on an interactive dashboard.

Measure Outcomes

Promise’s visual dashboards provide a bird’s-eye view of all your program’s cases, so you can monitor progress in real-time. Program auditing and analytics tools help identify what’s working and why, so you can improve overall performance and outcomes quickly.

Innovate for Your Needs

At Promise we’re committed to helping you take advantage of the latest cutting-edge tools and software. We would love to share all the features we have planned in our product roadmap. If you’re interested in learning more let’s schedule a time to talk.

Product Offerings

Client Mobile App and Reminders

Give your clients ongoing and timely support. Our mobile app helps your clients manage obligations and easily contact case managers. We pair the app with automated reminders for court dates and other obligations - whether or not your client has a smartphone.

Case Management

Case managers lose hours every week figuring out which clients are at risk and dealing with clunky tools. We make it painless with tools like at-a-glance client attendance history and smart dashboards for clients who need attention each day.

Auditing & Analytics Dashboard

Our real-time, visual dashboard is focused on outcomes and makes it easy to track changes over time. We display your key program metrics in one place so you can understand your failure to appears, rearrest rate, and more at a glance.


Millions of Americans end up in jail each year because of traffic fines. With our app, residents can pay tickets immediately from their phones. We verify ability to pay and put lower-income residents on the right payment plan to avoid fines from escalating.

sets us 



Our team includes Silicon Valley technologists and public safety advocates. We specialize in building easy-to-use products for large organizations and end-users.



Better technology helps improve outcomes for agencies, clients, and communities. Our team is dedicated to providing the tools you need to access and use your data easily and effectively.


Committed to the 
Public Sector

We are committed to helping agencies and caseworkers manage their larger and more varied caseloads without hampering clients’ quality of care or their trajectory towards success.


Quick, Secure Integrations

Our software engineering team will swiftly set up a secure integration. We focus on software security and compliance so you can focus on your work.

How we 
make it 

Use our standalone, off-the-shelf products as a comprehensive solution. Or select specific tools to sit on top of your existing system(s). We recognize that some of our Partners have large departments with significant resources, while other Partners have little to no staff and very few resources.

We provide a full suite, so you can use our technology to help make your work more efficient or be the infrastructure to run a comprehensive community supervision program.

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With Promise, you can get set up quickly with our off-the-shelf products or select specific tools that expand your existing systems’ capabilities. Let’s talk about your needs and how Promise can help.